There is an annual threat of saline storm surge or similar flood-related damages to, or loss of homes, infrastructure, crops, livestock and local industry for the residents and landowners of central and lower Vermilion Parish in the southwest, LA. Effectiveness of gravity drainage improvement attempts in Vermilion Parish are limited due to natural topography, and channel dredging alone is insufficient. Also, the waterway recognized as Hebert Canal is the channelized course of the historic Bayou Chene, and historic hydrology will be restored by the installation of the proposed structure here, reducing or eliminating the unnatural tidal influences to this area. This project will reduce saline storm surge and other flood damage, enhance public safety, and improve water quality and wetland habitat.


To prevent damage to homes, businesses, agriculture and infrastructure from saline storm surge or other floodwaters,m erosion, and sediment, thus furthering the conservation, development, utilization and disposal of waters and subsequent conservation and proper utilization of the land in Vermilion Parish, LA.


Install a flap-gate, fixed or variable-crest weir or similar water control structure in Hebert Canal, install flap-gate, fixed or variable-crest weir or similar water control structure in the lower Vermilion Parish School Protection levee, and heighten the elevation of the north ICW bank between the western-most frontage of Hwy 333 and LBL to prevent storm-related or tidal back flow, while allowing suitable gravity drainage of the entire project are during periods of normal weather and tidal fluctuations.


Benefits of $15 million include the approximate value of reduced insurance claims, public health and safety claims, public works maintenance and repairs, and enhanced water quality, aquatic habitat and recreation, and commercial fisheries. Agriculture in south-central Vermilion Parish consists primarily of rice, crawfish, cattle, alligator farming, and hay, and in 2017 was valued at nearly $88 million.

  1. To protect homes, businesses, agriculture and infrastructure from saline storm surge or other floodwaters, erosion and sedimentation, thus furthering the conservation, development, utilization and disposal of water and optimize the utilization of the land in Vermilion Parish, LA.
  2. To uncover a Watershed Plan/Environmental Assessment that documents the need, feasibility and courses of action (alternatives) for implementation of a future project to prevent future damage and protect the community of Vermilion Parish from saline storm surge.
  3. Enhance public safety, improve water quality and wetland habitat.


  • Abbeville
  • Delcambre
  • Gueydan
  • Kaplan
  • Maurice



A political subdivision of the LA State Government identifying Prioritizing and Addressing Natural resources needs within Vermilion Parish. The VSWCD is guided in its mission by a Long Range Plan developed on the basis of natural resource needs, concerns and priorities established with public input through the Locally-Led Process The VSWCD will be the lead sponsor for this project, and will oversee all outreach, application, reports, or updates.


USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service -The federal Agency historically has provided financial and technical assistance to SWCDs and land owners to improve, protect, and conserve natural resources on private lands through a cooperative partnership with state and local agencies. While its primary focus has been agricultural lands, it makes many technical contributions to broader soil surveying and classification, habitat enhancement, and water quality and wetlands improvements.

Vermilion Parish Police Jury -The parish administrative unit guided by an elected 14-member Police Jury panel, with primary responsibility for development and maintenance of public utilities, roadways, Parish-wide resources, development, drainage sustainability and other means of public safety and well-being; usually conducted in concert with other public entities. VPPJ will serve as a project co-sponsor, cooperating with the VSWCD and other partners.

Vermilion Parish Gravity Drainage District, #7 -The Parish entity, as a subdivision of the Vermilion Parish Police Jury, authorized by LA Revised Statutes, Title 38 – Public contracts, Works and Improvements, Section 1751 – Gravity Drainage Districts, Chapter 7; Gravity Drainage Districts-Parts 1, General Provisions by which the “various parishes of the state…, may create on their own initiative, from lands which drain by gravity, gravity drainage districts”. These districts shall be known as “Gravity Drainage Districts” with the number which the Police Jury may designate”.